A Newsletter created about the compounding email problem with the Launch Industry

Everyday there are dozens, or possibly even hundreds, of new products launching.  As marketers, we've been taught by those who came before us to send one email for every product, with multiple emails about that product, to get the most sales during what's called a “Launch.”

The problem with this approach is it’s overwhelming.  By the time you start working on one product, another product jumps in your inbox.

So I had an idea:  What if I gathered all the products in one place?  What if, instead of sending you (as my email subscriber) dozens of emails, I organized everything I wanted to share with you--including tips, strategies, and advice--all in one place?  And what if I turned all of this into a Newsletter?

So I did!  This Newsletter has everything you need to find out what products I and my trusted friends are launching--a selection of products I truly believe are worth your time to check out, including my own products, which I'm personally promoting.

Even more importantly, I wanted to share products that have already launched that no one is promoting any longer, but which you can promote and receive higher commissions.  Why higher commissions? Because they have already proven themselves to be successful products.

Many times product creators simply launch products to get the attention of the launch community and then quickly move onto other products, leaving the “old” products unsupported.  This Newsletter is designed to help steer you away from these types of launches and towards the types of launches that have both integrity and longevity.

About Product Launches - What exactly is a product launch and do we even need them?

Many attribute the concept of product launches to Jeff Walker when he started working on his sideways sales-letter concept, and then later came out with his book External link opens in new tab or window“Launch”. I highly recommend this book as a way to understand the launch space and its industry.

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What Exactly is a Launch?

A launch is where the retail price of the product is reduced very low so that early adopters can purchase the product at this desirable rate.  The theory is that by introducing a great number of customers to a product, it will help boost its sales when it reaches maturity. Unfortunately, what has happened instead is that great products that are ‘launched’ when they reach their retail price, don’t continue to sell well.  To remain integrity, product creators need to raise their prices but in doing so, they lose customers. Makes sense, right?

The reason people have these product launches is because Affiliate Networks are set up to have contests.  Contests have been proven to drive sales. One affiliate Network I have experience with (called JVZoo), launches a product-of-the-day. The way you become their product-of-the-day is by having a large number of Affiliates promoting your product and hope to see high sales figures over a very short period of time. This is powerful because you can quickly bring a product into a crowded market place. Once you've achieved product-of-the-day, then the network itself sends out an email announcing your product to its entire email network--potentially millions of people!

I recently completed a launch of one of my products.  It became product-of-the-day for several days running and, shockingly, we had more sales before being product-of-the-day than after we achieved that status.

Launch Patterns

Our recent product launch did over 2000 front-end (FE) sales and overall, the whole funnel achieved over 3200 in sales, including upgrades and additional training.

Approximately 20% of all sales of this week-long launch came in on the first day!  The second day we had 12% total sales. Then we got product-of-the-day. We saw a small spike in sales  on the third day and a bit lower spike on the fourth. In short, 60% of the total sales we had for our product happened in the first four days. That’s how a launch works.

From my partners, I learned that this is actually a normal launch.  They did an amazing job of bringing my simple idea to Market and I am very grateful for their support and my learning curve from this launch.  This is what inspired me to write this Newsletter: to help steer the industry back to being more like them--men and women who operate with the highest integrity.

How to get the most out of this Newsletter

This Newsletter, and each subsequent one, will be broken down into sections using our Earthgrid Eclipse website builder software so you can quickly open and close a section to make it easier to read. From time to time, I may also update the links in the sections. There will also be an Evergreen section. These are the products which I endorse and recommend you promote to your subscriber list, following the protocol below:

1. Purchase the product from my link and use it.

2. Write a review about the product.  Include your personal experience: any value, unique benefit, or angle that helped you solve a problem using this product.

3. Drop me a quick note. I will see if I can help you get in touch with the product creator and get you approved as an Affiliate. I'll also share some ads and swipes I used to promote the product.

Many times product creators are willing to do special deals and private coupons for your subscribers because their sales have dropped off after the product launch. It's amazing that during launch season we were getting notifications every few seconds of a sale and now a few weeks later, it's like a trickle of water.

The irony is that the product itself is at the retail price and the commissions (if you decide to promote it) are even higher than during the launch. I've always preached that the best time to promote a well-established product is after the Launch because they've got more time for support, the prices are higher, and so is your commission.  

Hopefully, with some of the ideas we'll be talking about in this Newsletter, you'll be able to locate some products to purchase and promote that will help you grow your online business. It all starts with buying a product that is launching and then deconstructing HOW THEY LAUNCHED. WHAT THEY DID. WHY THEY DID IT and then applying that to your business.  I am doing this type of consulting right now to HELP YOU with your Launch. 

Contact me or better yet, just buy the product I'm launching and I'll CONTACT YOU!