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If Netflix kept mailing DVD’s they would have ended up like Blockbuster

by Viktor Grant

Here’s a super quick story about 2 expert marketers.

Ryan Allaire has been the driving force behind MULTIPLE 7 figure launches, and is the go-to-guy that people including Russell Brunson trust to optimize their funnels.

Alan Magliocca - in addition to generating over 10 million in personal online sales - has helped MULTIPLE students become millionaires.

Collectively, these guys are directly responsible for TENS OF MILLIONS in sales across a range of niches online.

What’s this got to do with you? Everything.

Because for the first time ever these 2 experts have combined talents …and instead of paying $2000 for a workshop in person, you can attend it 'virtually' for a one-time payment by simply purchasing their simple ‘funnel cloning tool’ (its cool, but most people don't see what the big deal is all about)

Let me let you in on a secret.

When you buy the tool for $49 you get a WORKSHOP TICKET.


...no recurring fees.

...one time payment

…not $2000  but $49


Chances are you’ve already invested $2000+ or more in a business opportunity or program at some point and every day, unless you’re a rock star, you are wondering, "how do I see my return on investment?"


What am I doing wrong?

Why is my list not converting?

What could I be doing differently?


It’s not your fault.

The industry has changed.

Factors beyond your control are in play.

The things you were taught to do by well-intentioned sponsors or teachers

....simply do not work any longer.


The culprits?  Companies like Netflix and Uber have changed the paradigm.

The pandemic fed it and now its part of our culture.


You’ve been taught to ‘build your list’ by giving away something of value and then asking for an email, only to later follow-up with a person.

People may join your business, and they may even be sincere, but they sign up, join, and do absolutely nothing more.

You try to email them and after a while, they simply start to ignore your emails.

Technology sees to that…


What can you do?

You have to change your paradigm along with Netflix.

"If Netflix kept mailing DVD’s they would have ended up like Blockbuster"


If you keep emailing people as you have been most likely you’ll probably be experiencing the same thing.


Your “list” keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

You believe people are opening your letter but they’re not.

Bots are reading them and automatically replying to them.


There is hope.

This workshop.


I’ve been through this exact two-day training two years ago in Florida, and I watched Alan and Ryan teach the basic principles of their ‘simple sales’ method and then they bought ads (yes paid for the ads themselves out of their own pocket) so that the students in the class started getting commissions WHILE IN CLASS.


I was there.  I saw it. I'll be there. Starting over and preparing for 2021

Will you?

It's only $49! Seriously. What are you thinking?

It's the best kept secret and the only reason I'm telling you is because I know these guys.

Everyone else is selling a pick and a shovel.

Show up tomorrow and we'll tell you where to dig.

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