Viktor Grant is a technology leader, surfer, coder, professional speaker, author, and visionary business consultant.

He was a former talk show host at MSN The Microsoft Network and since then, developed his own unique 'indie' search engine, "", keyword software "SearchTriggers", content management tools & funnel software "Living Funnels" and most recently "SociJam".

He is a recognized expert in the creation and maintenance of External link opens in new tab or windowvirtual communities, as well as an Internet architect and entrepreneur responsible for pioneering multiple technologies in the computer industry and on the Web. His expertise includes pioneering the use of social networking, multiuser roundtable chats, artificial intelligence based e-commerce systems, viral marketing services, video magazines, real time credit card content publishing, online book selling, and copy protection systems. His thirty years of programming and project leadership experience began with writing the world’s consumer grade copy protection software program for the Apple II while still a teenager.

He is also a piano composer mixing classical solo piano, relaxation music, with jazz improv.

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